Joana Bliss Phones For Male Service

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Duration: 26 minutes
Joana Bliss Phones For Male Service
Without naming her, the SCORELAND Blog announced that a well-known, very popular model would be making her boy-girl debut. Over one hundred comments followed. Some guessed correctly that she would be Joana Bliss, one of the all-time greats in big-bust modeling. Others made logical guesses but missed the mark.

Joana began posing in 2004. Our photographers met her for the first time during a trip to Europe that year. Over the years, Joana did girl-girl scenes but always declined offers to do hardcore with guys.

She explained why.

"I can't just have sex right can't be just sex. There has to be more of a connection."

The connection and the timing was right for Joana.

Joana phones a stripper agency to send their best man to come to her place and entertain her. She approves of Deni Adonis when he shows up. They kiss passionately while Joana helps him strip down. Joana can't keep her hands off his bod and shows him her big, world-class boobs. He sucks her natural wonders and she helps him pull down his pants so she can eagerly get her hands and lips on his cock.

Joana sucks his dick as passionately as she kisses. She tugs his dick and turns around, guiding it into her pussy. Many thought this would never happen on-camera. For Joana, it just took the right connection.

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