Young and horny newcomers bare all and take big cocks in every hole! This issue has everything: 18-year-old sluts; schoolgirl pussy-stretching; thick, fragrant bush; busty youngsters; Asians; and daring exhibitionists. Covergirl Rika has the body of an angel and the dirtiest mouth you’ve ever seen. She does a dildo show with a translucent toy that allows you to see deep into her honey tunnel. Plus, you’ve gotta see Claire’s extraordinary asshole stretch wide to take a fat cock. Then she gets her young body splattered with cum.

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She’s from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. She’s just 18 years old. She’s a 100-pound blonde with A-cup tits and a naturally juicy fuck holes. Meet Britt, one of the cutest newcomers you’ll ever see.

We’re giving you a sneak-peek at Newcummers 4, our new fuck flick from our fan-favorite best-selling series. This time around, the hardcore cunt slamming is harder, the cock sucking is deeper and the faces getting hosed with jism are even prettier.

Luna is a 24-year-old blonde with sleepy bedroom eyes, pencil eraser nips and a tight triangle of pubes between her little legs. She’s from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Evie is a Vietnam-born 24-year-old who now lives in Miami, Florida. She has perky, suckable B-cup tits and the body of a college coed.

Rika turned 18 and contacted us shortly afterward. She wanted more than anything to be printed in our magazine. No problem! When you’re as hot as Rika, you can demand anything you want. She gave us the hottest dildo show we’ve ever printed.

Say cheerio to Aimee, a doll-faced sweetheart from Manchester, England. This 19-year-old student is so young-looking and adorable, we had to check her ID a dozen times! Every inch of her luscious body, from her nose down, is hairless.

Claire is in her early 20s, but her schoolgirl skirt still fits. That’s probably because her frame is so tiny and fuckable. She takes a much-older man’s thick rod in her mouth, pussy and deep, wet asshole. Then she gets her tight tummy soaked with cum.

Redheaded Bess and her double-D-cup knockers are something to behold. We paired her with a cocksman who gave her every inch of his massive throbber. She takes charge and gives that dick the best sex of its life.

Emma and her thick, dark, lush and fragrant bush will have your mouth watering. You can practically taste her pheromones coming through the pages. As she diddles herself, her muff gets increasingly soaked.

We have a special presentation of 11 burning hot exhibitionists who stripped off their clothes in public, pulled out their titties, spread their pussies and said, “Who gives a fuck who sees me? I need to get off now!”

Arizona-born Latina Vanessa is a dirty girl. So she jumped in the shower and gave her entire body a soapy scrubdown before getting herself off with her favorite toy.

Just a few months after she turned 18, Maria begged us to set her up with a hot older guy. No problem! Our cocksmen fought over who got to play with this 10/10 blonde cutie, taste her cunt, fill her holes and pump her slit full of their seed. Maria is something special!
Magazine Format:
SKU: SP362

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