An Afterschool Sex Lesson

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Duration: 30 minutes
An Afterschool Sex Lesson
Maria tells her tutor that she hasn't studied because she has "better, more important things to focus on," like her secret project for health class. So what exactly is this project? By the looks of it, it's getting an older man rock hard and then sucking and fucking him dry.

Maria looks sexy in her schoolgirl uniform and even sexier once she's naked. She takes her time sliding her tight pussy down the tutor's cock, but once it's in, it's easy riding. Her round, jiggling buttcheeks and tiny starfish are a vision of perfection as she fucks his shaft and coats it with girl goo.

The tutor pulls Maria's leg up by her face, slides in from behind and drills her deep. He pumps her pretty pussy slow and fast and then cums all over her eager tongue. Give Maria an A on this health project!

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