Gina gets the real thing

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Duration: 26 minutes
Gina gets the real thing
A woman like Gina Monelli, who's in her sexual prime at 42 years old, always wants more, so even though she's made herself cum several times by fucking her pussy with a big, pink toy, she wants to cum again, and again, and again, this time with the real thing. Fortunately for her, the real thing is readily available, so Gina calls him over, gets his dick out and starts sucking it, and before long, she's fucking it. Gina really loves to take a pounding. No romantic sex for this wife and mom from Ukraine.

Dream car: Range Rover.

Favorite Hollywood star: George Clooney.

Hobbies: Traveling and watching sports.

Panties? "Not always. Usually no."

She's a swinger and a nudist. She loves sucking cock and fucking. We kinda already knew that.

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