Mary Brown: XLGirl Bachelorette

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Duration: 17 minutes
Mary Brown: XLGirl Bachelorette
Dressed for the office of our dreams, Mary Brown sends off the last of her emails, closes her laptop and shows you the wonders underneath her button-down blouse and miniskirt. She's 100% perfect for XLGirls.

Mary was discovered by one of our contributing photographers. He invited her to model and she readily accepted the opportunity. She's comfortable on-camera as if she's been modeling for a long time, and her eye-contact adds even more excitement.

The green-eyed brunette has worked as an animator and called it the most-fun job she's had so far. On her right forearm is the tattoo Bella Vita, Italian for beautiful life. It's a beautiful life when girls like this flock to XLGirls. We hope she enjoys showing off her bodacious body just as much. In her spare time, Mary reads psychology books and articles. She obviously knows what weighs heavily on our minds.

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