Mia Sweetheart: Oily To Bed

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Duration: 16 minutes
Mia Sweetheart: Oily To Bed
Our lovely friend Mia Sweetheart has some errands to attend to and one of them is hanging up her laundered bikinis to air-dry. Those are some skimpy swimsuits. We know that Mia has all eyes all over her when she wears one of them.

"I love the little bikinis because they make my boobs look so much bigger," Mia said. "I always see guys checking out my boobs. I usually wear tight T-shirts and I catch them staring. It's fun because I know they wish they could see them out of my clothes."

It's a hot day so Mia, who loves to be looked at, takes off her top, shorts, bra and panties and oils her lush and plush curves. She heads to her bed for an afternoon break from her chores, her trusted toy in hand. Mia plugs her pussy fast and deep until she reaches nirvana.

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