U Bang Leona Loba

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Duration: 23 minutes
U Bang Leona Loba
Leona Loba is an XLGirls wife, and what a lucky dude her hubby is to have this voracious vixen waiting at home to drain his balls dry every day or night. They get hot when Leona is fucked by strangers while he watches. That usually takes place in swingers/swappers parties. Now they can watch this scene anytime they want.

"I love to go to sex clubs with my husband and get gangbanged or use the glory-hole booths," Leona said. "I love bukkake and gangbangs. One of my bucket list items is to have sex with a stud in every country we visit."

Leona is a natural for XLGirls. "I eat up attention. I'm a spotlight whore. My favorite foreplay is sucking dick and my favorite position depends on how big his dick is. The only thing I don't care for is anal."

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