Download and Burn Info

Don't want to wait for DVDs sent in the mail? Want to watch the movie right away? Some of our movies are available in digital format as well!

Instead of buying a DVD and waiting for it to be delivered, you can buy the digital version and play it right away on your favorite device (PC, Mac, iPhone, Android and more). You can even burn the DVD yourself if you want to keep a hard copy.

Just select the Download & Burn option whenever it is available and continue with the normal checkout process. (You may see the list of movies you have purchased by logging into your account and selecting the 'Digital Library' option in the top menu.)

How to Play or Burn Our Digital Movies

Our Download/Play/Burn movies may be accessed using the FluxPlayer application. It is available for the following platforms/devices:

1. Download FluxPlayer

PC (Windows)

Download FluxPlayer from the following link, install it and log in. Requires 1.5 GHz Intel/AMD based Windows XP (Service Pack 2) or newer.

Mac (OSX)

Download FluxPlayer from the following link, install it and log in. Requires Intel based Mac OSX 10.7 or newer.

Apple iOS Devices

Use your device (iOS 7.0 or newer) to open the AppStore, install FluxPlayer and sign in.

Android tablets and phones

Use your Android device (2.3 or newer) to open Google Play, install FluxPlayer and sign in.

Kindle Fire Tablets

Use your Kindle Fire (2.3 or newer) to open Apps, install FluxPlayer for Kindle and sign in.

Just click on the corresponding link to start the download process. (You only need to go through this process once for each device you want to watch the movie on.)

2. Access your digital movies

Once the installation is complete, open the FluxPlayer application and sign-in using the same credentials you use on After you sign-in, you should see the list of movies you have purchased. To play any of the movies, simply click on the cover and hit "Play". It is recommended that you download the movie before you play it for a more enjoyable experience. You can do that by right-clicking on the movie and selecting "Download".

Depending on the device you are using, you may also burn the movie on a DVD disc (one-time per movie only).

Notice: DVD burning only supported on Windows PCs using single-layer DVDs (4.53 GB DVD5).